Make Your Own Adult Tube Site

your own adult site

Step 1: Porn Hosting (TMD Hosting)

I have been using TMD hosting for my Adult Tube Sites for many years without 1 single complaint. They are one of the few hosting sites that allow adult content and have amazing customer support.

The fully managed site offers different tiers of hosting:

Low Tier: Shared Hosting

Speed up your social site in 15 minutes

This is the lower end of the scale, perfect for starting your Lowkey Porn Site and slowly building you can use Shared Hosting (Click the Banner Above to see more)

Medium Tier: VPS and Cloud Hosting

VPS business hosting starting at $29.95/24/7 premium technical support

For The more established or growing adult sites, we have the VPS and Cloud hosting options.

High Tier: Dedicated Server

Explore our wide range of fully managed dedicated servers. SSH access.

For those looking to make a mark on the adult video industry, a Dedicated Server is recommended. This option offers the fastest speeds and offers huge potential for growth.

Faster web speeds mean better search engine indexing, better search results mean more visitors. More visitors = More money in your pocket.

how to make a porn tube site

Step 2: WordPress Porn Theme

adult tube theme

WP-Script Is our go-to resource here, they have made an unbeatable WordPress theme that takes all the hard work out of making your site.

The Complete WordPress Adult Themes & Plugins Solution

You simply buy (By clicking on the banner above), install to your WordPress and then customize for your requirements. They also have multiple premade template themes such as lesbian, Hentai, and FuckMeDaddy With more to come in the future.

embedded porn script hosting

Once you have installed the theme, use the guides on the WP-script sites to set up your unique site. If you have any problems along the way, join their discord which is full of very handy Adult Webmasters.

how to start your own porn site

There are a few requirements for adults sites.

Some of these pages are auto-generated by some of the WP-script themes.

1 – TOS (Made by using the plugin Complianz)

2 – 2257 Statement (This is very very important if you are planning on people uploading their own vids to your site)

3 – DMCA Copyright policy. You need to have an outline of how people will request a video is removed.

4 – Contact information. This can be any form, as long as users can contact you, especially important if people can self-upload. This allows them to request vid removal if needed.


Step 4: Monetize Your Traffic

There are many options when it comes to monetizing your adult traffic, and there is a LOT of money to be made after you put the work in.

I tried lots and lots of different ways to monetize and found through trial and error there is not a single answer to what will work the best. It is down to your traffic, your click-through rate, the advertisers’ requirements, and a whole bunch of other factors.

The only thing I will say is, do NOT ADD POP-UNDERS if you are using the WP-Script mass embedder plug-in. This is against the requirement of most of the embed affiliates (The question mark next to the embed providers gives a link to their affiliate page where you can read their TOS).

I will list all of the affiliates I have had experience with and a bit of my personal experience.

Juicy Ads

The first Affiliates I tried, Very Easy to join and set up and ads you need. They offer mainly pop-under and banner ads, the banners have low value until people buy the spot.


This is the sole current affiliate I am using, mainly because through testing they give the best profit for my traffic. Very easy to set up, you have to request the ad spots to be created by the team though that takes a short while.


PlugRush Network is Moving Traffic Forward

Join Now

Only used these to link to my AdSpyglass which didn’t seem to get many hits, maybe due to my traffic (Which is mainly USA, UK, Germany)


Same again, only linked to these using the API, not much profit for me. But definitely worth testing for your own traffic.



Very easy to use and navigate their site, worth a test or link to Adspy.

Hilltop Ads

These are my second Biggest earner, easy to use with high-profit potential.

AdSpyGlass - Double your profit from brokers

Amazing resource if set up correctly, this website allows you to link to lots of different advertising affiliates and whenever someone visits your page the following happens:

  • Visitor information is sent to AdSpy.
  • AdSpy processes the information and compares to all of your linked affiliates.
  • AdSpy chooses the highest potential profit for that individual visitor and provides the relevant Advert.

This works so well because different sites offer different rates at different times and when they have different advertisers.

AdSpy also has an RTB (Real-Time Bidding) program that can also offer huge payouts.


CrakRevenue is a little different from the others on the list, they are mainly sales based and you get paid ‘per signup’ instead of clickthrough or just views alone.

I would recommend these for very active webmasters who enjoy staying ahead of the trend and mixing up adverts possibly daily as new referral programs come out, they have a huge library of referral programs and a Unique camsite referral creator.


Join us as a newcomer webmaster now and receive $150 Sign Up Bonus!

AWEmpire offers lots and lots of resources, you can get all sorts of content from them and they offer a huge $150 bonus if you can meet the numbers.

I would recommend these for people who are looking to host their own videos instead of embedding, possibly for the dedicated server people.

It is worth testing a few different ones while your site is still young and growing so that when it gets to medium size and bigger you know what works for you and which does not. The different sites and niches will work better with different affiliates.

Step 5: SEO And Traffic Generation

Now that your Adult Porn site is set up and ready to earn money, you just need to add one thing, traffic.

There is 2 different types of traffic I would recommend starting with:

1 – Organic (Long Term)

Organic traffic is the name for visitors you receive mainly from search engines, and you do this by:

  • Submititng your site to the search engine (By using Yoast SEO to create a site map).

  • Improving site speed, as we talked about with hosting. The faster your site, the higher you will rank.

  • Targeting Adult Keywords, first learn about keywords and how to use them through Youtube and other resources. And then pic a few words you want to rank No.1 and keep working until you get them.

  • Create backlinks to your site. Backlinks are the most important tool to strengthen your site so you can compete against other site for traffic. The more backlinks (Domains with a link on the page pointing at your site) the stronger rating your site will have.

  • MAKE SURE YOUR PERMALINKS ARE SET TO: ‘POST NAME’. Do this before you start promoting your URL links anywhere, this will aid you so so much when trying to rank for keywords.

SEO is a very long investment and the more work you do the more results you will get. The entry knowledge required to do well is quite high, so get learning as soon as possible.

SEO is a basic requirement to elevate your site to a major global competitor.

2 – Advertised (Short Term)

Short term advertising has lots of benefits, such as:

  • Low entry requirements
  • Cheap
  • Growable with work

This would be using such tactics as posting direct links to:

  • Twitter
  • Telegram
  • Facebook
  • Discord
  • Forums

This helps build your backlink profile, but normally needs lots of effort because you have to post new content constantly unlike organic traffic.

I would recommend using a mixture of both to grow.

This was meant as a basic guide to getting started, and as I learn more I will try to update as much as possible.

There is enough demand for both Porn and Advertising to allow every person that wants to put in the time and effort to learn the skills required to make their own Adult site be successful (And it’s always a good conversation started when someone asks what you do in your spare time).